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Managing your Manager to New Job Success!

Tips to ensure your manager is a key enabler for you in your new job.

Successfully navigating the relationship with your manager can greatly influence your chances of success in a new role. In this blog, we delve into strategic and tactical approaches that you can employ in the pursuit of managing your manager. Fostering a useful symbiotic partnership is the optimal outcome and one that offers you the best chance of achieving personal success. This is therefore less about politics and more about emotionally intelligent driven collaboration and associated actions.

Building a Foundation of Trust and Communication:

Open communication is the cornerstone of a productive manager-employee relationship. Establish a rapport based on transparency, regularly sharing progress, challenges, and insights. Invite feedback, creating a two-way dialogue that showcases your commitment to effective collaboration.

Deciphering Expectations and Unspoken Agendas:

Unearthing your manager's expectations and potential hidden agendas is a strategic imperative. Aligning your goals with theirs ensures a shared vision, minimising misunderstandings and maximising your impact.

Decoding Communication Styles:

The communication channels you choose greatly influence the effectiveness of your interaction with your manager. By adeptly adapting to their preferred style—be it through emails, meetings, or informal conversations—you demonstrate your versatility and enhance engagement.

Presenting Solutions, Not Just Predicaments:

Navigating the political landscape involves more than just identifying challenges; presenting strategic solutions showcases your proactive approach and commitment to driving positive outcomes. This highlights your problem-solving prowess and positions you as a solution-oriented leader.

Harvesting Wisdom through Consultation:

Leverage your manager's wealth of experience by seeking their counsel on pivotal decisions. Demonstrating respect for their insights not only deepens your partnership but also empowers you with a broader perspective.

Fostering a Positive Alliance:

Infusing your interactions with respect, empathy, and collaboration fosters a harmonious working relationship. Building rapport creates a supportive environment that encourages innovation and mutual growth.

Strategically Elevating Your Role:

Step beyond the confines of a follower; embrace your role as a proactive contributor. By initiating innovative ideas and leading initiatives, you position yourself as a key player, contributing to the strategic direction of the organisation.

Showcasing Your Progress and Contributions:

Regularly updating your manager on your achievements subtly underscores your value to the team and organisation. Celebrate milestones and successes while weaving your narrative into the broader fabric of the company's accomplishments.

Harmonising with Leadership Styles:

Adapting to your manager's leadership style while retaining your authenticity is an option you could adopt. Integrating your approach with theirs amplifies your influence within their circle of influence.

Seeking Continuous Growth through Feedback:

Display your commitment to personal and professional growth by actively seeking feedback from your manager. Embrace their guidance as a catalyst for improvement, showcasing your dedication to development. Let them know your feedback helped you.

Artfully Managing Disagreements:

Approach disagreements with finesse, respecting your manager's perspective while advocating for your stance. Crafting solutions that bridge gaps and drive collaboration positions you as a diplomatic leader.

Mastering the Art of Conflict Management:

View conflicts as opportunities for growth and collaboration. Skillfully address them, focusing on resolutions that serve the greater good and contribute positively to the organisation and your reputation.

Balancing Your Expectations:

Acknowledge the challenges your manager faces while managing your own expectations. Exercising patience and understanding showcases your astuteness and supports a harmonious relationship.

Expressing Gratitude and Acknowledgment:

Cultivate gratitude by appreciating your manager's guidance and backing. A genuine "thank you" conveys your recognition of their support, fostering a positive atmosphere.

Managing your Manager to New Job Success!

When you start a new job, managing your relationship with your manager is vital for success. By building trust, understanding expectations, adapting your communication, and handling conflicts smartly, you can create a strong partnership. These strategies can help you succeed in a new role and cement your reputation in your organisation.

Adrian Spencer - Coach & Mentor

Managing your Manager to New Job Success!


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