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The Coaching Process..... what to expect 

How we problem solve - it varies!


Its true that no two coaching conversations are the same and indeed no two coaches are the same. Traditional coaching conversations tend to have a 4 section structure.


1. Setting clear goals and ambitions

2. Identifying barriers, issues and enablers

3. Co-creating and developing solutions

4. Agreeing on actions moving forward


Within these four steps, conversations can take various paths and a skilled coach will recognise and steer the conversation in the appropriate direction. The relationship between coach and client is therefore vital, as each coaching session is unique and of course trust and confidentiality are essential.

Image by Vardan Papikyan

Performance = Potential - Challenges


This definition of Coaching sums up how coaching can enhance your performance when your potential is realised and challenges are overcome. For me this is the key point of focus and one that I will return to throughout our sessions.


My focus will always be on shining a light on what sets you apart from the crowd whilst offering a pragmatic and honest approach to help you become successful in dealing with the challenges and issues you face in a new role or job.

Being coached is an experience which should be enjoyable, challenging, insightful and above all empowering.

I certainly subscribe to this approach and if you are of the mind to embrace opportunities then great things can be achieved. 

Book a FREE 30 minutes conversation.

This won't be a coaching session, rather, it will be a chance to get to know each other,

to discuss your challenges and to agree how we could work together. 

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Establish Your

Goals & Vision

Image by Carlos Magno

Understand The Obstacles & Enablers

Image by Mael BALLAND

 Define Options and Choices

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Plan a Way


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