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Planning & Strategy Session

Invest to ensure you are successful in your new job

We will use a framework that gives you
the insight and tools to move forward with confidence

Working within the framework below we will have an opportunity to laser in on what you need to deliver, what the barriers and enablers are and how delivery can be managed. We WILL vary the format though if there is something more pressing you need to cover, so be assured the 90 minutes will be focused entirely on your needs.

1. Pre-work Questionnaire - Critical questions that will help drive a successful coaching session.

2. Success Criteria - Pinning down the key metrics, deliverables and stakeholder views on what success looks like.

3. Goal Definition - Form the core goals that need to be prioritised. Short/Medium/Long term focus.

4. Personal & Brand Enablers - Whats in the way? Whats going to drive you forward? How do you want to be viewed?

5. People & Organisational Enablers - Who will be your supporters & allies and who or what might work against you?

6. Plan for Success - Create a personalised high level plan of action for you based on steps 2 to 5.

7. Follow Up - This is our joint accountability list of actions and next steps.

This is significant value for money. Book a FREE 30 minute chat in my diary
and we can discuss whether this would work for you.

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