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Coaching & Mentoring Services

Book a FREE 30 minutes calendar slot to discuss which option works best for you

  • One-off session lasting 90 minutes - using a proven framework

  • Nail your plan of action for being a success in your new job

  • Use it before you start or in the first 6 months of a new role

  • Personal barriers, delivery worries and planning challenges can be covered - in fact anything that is worrying you

  • Click HERE for more information on the framework we will use

  • Book a FREE 30 minutes slot in my calendar to discuss how a Planning & Strategy session would work for you

Planning and strategy coaching session with Adrian Spencer

Monthly Mentor (Regular Sessions)

  • Regular 1 hour monthly sessions (4 month package)

  • More frequent support sessions as required

  • Chance to discuss issues and challenges in confidence

  • Opportunity to brainstorm and road test ideas

  • Coaching support on key barriers you want addressing

  • Book a FREE 30 minutes slot in my calendar to discuss how we can work together on a regular basis

Coaching & Mentoring with Adrian Spencer

Investing in your own development allows you to deal with your issues, barriers and challenges and ultimately ensures you are successful. The longer term financial benefits from being effective in a new job are enormous, so invest in YOU.
I will always focus entirely on your career success and my coaching engagements are based on trust and confidentiality.

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