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There are 3 areas of focus that are critical to consider when starting a new job

When I look at a plan for starting a new job I break it down into 3 key areas, with each one potentially as important as the others depending on your own personal and unique circumstances. Some examples are shown below illustrating what sits in each category:

Organisational Insight

  • Aligning to a Boards agenda

  • Managing organisational Politics

  • Stakeholder analysis; players/allies

  • Understanding Power networks

  • Impact of the firms culture

  • Building and forging alliances

  • Organisational matrix challenges

  • Organisational myth debunking

  • How to act/not act in meetings

  • Sponsors to find and nurture

Personal Development

  • Personal brand assessment

  • Negative self-talk mitigation

  • Fear of failure vortex

  • Imposter syndrome elimination

  • Procrastination challenges

  • Gravitas building

  • Presentation skills & nerves

  • Stress/resilience management

  • Prioritisation/time management

  • Building credibility & trust

  • Managing people conflicts

  • Leading people and teams

Delivery Focus

  • Building your 30 to 100 day plan

  • Expectations of ALL stakeholders

  • Aligning priorities with your boss

  • Leveraging critical team skills

  • Setting personal delivery goals

  • Outputs - quality vs quantity

  • Work ethic and consistency

  • Strategic volunteering

  • Managing messaging 

  • Identify moments of truth

  • Spot the delivery landmines

Do any of these challenges strike a chord with you? 

Do you need to address them to ensure your success?

Unless you are clear in yourself around what your strengths and weaknesses are then you wont be able to leverage those strengths nor eliminate those weaknesses. As a specialist in coaching people who have just started a new job, I can support you in dealing with personal challenges and work barriers, enabling you to realise your full potential. 


Contact me now for a free conversation.

Coaching and mentoring for new job success

Very few of us adequately prepare to succeed during those first few months in a new role. Given the critical need to deliver on all levels it makes no sense to go into such a situation ill prepared. The old maxim of "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" is never more true.

Coaching and mentoring for new job success

Book a FREE 30 minutes conversation.

This won't be a coaching session, rather, it will be a chance to get to know each other,

tdiscuss your challenges and to agree how we could work together. 

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